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5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Bergamo For Your Next Vacation

Bergamo is an ancient Italian town situated in the north-west of the country. While many people may not have heard much about Bergamo, it is actually one of the very best places that you can go to for a vacation in Italy, and here are 5 reasons why you should consider going there for your next vacation.

5 Reasons Why You Should to Bergamo


It’s a very Tourist-Friendly City

Bergamo is a city that’s made an active effort to become more tourist-friendly in terms of its city’s design and layout. For instance, once you arrive in the city by plane, you’ll find that the airport there has been designed to accommodate rapid departure and easy access to luggage.

It’s one of those cities where you don’t have to worry about the possibility of facing any hassle during your travels.

Medieval Streets

One of the favourite things for people to do in the city is to visit the historic medieval streets in the city. The long and narrow winding medieval streets in the country are one of the most unique interesting things that you can experience in the whole of the town.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore

The Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore is the central church in the town and one of the most interesting sites in the whole of the city. It has a beautiful white exterior and is adorned internally with brilliant frescos and local art. It was founded in 1137 on the place of another church from the 8th century dedicated to St Mary. The old church was build over a Roman temple of the Clemence.

Local Food

Bergamo is one of the very best places to visit if you’d like to experience some authentic north-Italian cuisine. Bergamo is famous for the authenticity of their Italian food with pasta, pizzas, and pastries in the city are especially famous.

The Alps & Proximity to Milan

Since Bergamo is situated in the north of Italy, it is located in direct proximity to the Alps. So, it is one of the very best places to go if you’d like a breath-taking view of the Alps. Bergamo is a great city in terms of where it’s situated. One of the biggest benefits of going to Bergamo is that the two are located very close to the large city of Milan. So, if you’re planning on visiting Milan it’s extremely easy for you to also go down to Bergamo for a little while.

Car Hire in Bergamo

As a city of ease, the car rental industry of Bergamo is extremely competitive. If you do a car hire comparison, you’ll find that there are many cheap rent a cars in the town as well as numerous competitive car rental services.

You can find a cheap car hire in the town of Bergamo for as little as USD$ 15 a day. If we compare car rentals, it’s clear that Car Rentals in Bergamo are extremely competitive and affordable. You can compare car hire online and search for prices in the city or at the airport. There is many options if you choose to rent at the airport, read more here.

Overall, the town of Bergamo is a hidden gem in the north-east of Italy, and you should definitely plan on going there for your next vacation. While there, be sure to take full advantage of the local car rentals.