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5 Sustainable Brands for Men’s Clothing

For many men, shopping is endured (at best) without the extra stress of selecting genuine, long-lasting menswear.We’ve done the legwork for you by scouring the internet for the greatest ethical men’s clothing brands.

What is the concept of sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion aims to encourage consumers to adopt a more mindful attitude. It seeks to meet the entire fashion industry’s product line as well as its carbon footprint. Sustainable fashion aims to empower “green consumerism” for more eco-responsible purchases by adopting more ecological textile manufacturing and minimizing waste associated with apparel production.

Sheep Inc

Sheep Inc. is the top sustainable clothing brand for males, despite the fact that there are a lot of major brands in this category. This brand, which is not yet well-known, is establishing itself as one of the world’s largest premier carbon-negative fashion brands. Where fast fashion fails, this sustainable apparel brand’s approach succeeds thanks to a zero-waste, mulesing-free mindset that prioritizes the wellbeing of animals.


Patagonia aims at providing fully prepared tech gear for any circumstance, making it the most recognisable business in this ranking. By building connections with organizations pursuing change, Patagonia aims to provide a platform as a resource to encourage and involve anyone who desires to work with ecological action groups.


Nike has initiated a “move to zero” program, a journey that will ultimately lead to carbon and waste balance. The future of apparel and sports depends on organized sustainability, and the world’s largest shoemaker wants to maintain its leading position. Additionally, they have released an assessment report that explains Nike’s future and protracted sustainability ambitions. Ultimately, the circular design guide declares that all Nike items will be redesigned for long-term use.

William Lockie

William Lockie is entrenched in tradition and history as being one of the earliest family-run premium knitwear firms in the Scottish Borders. Lockies, as they are widely regarded, have been manufacturing the world’s softest, best, and most sumptuous knitwear since 1874. The key lies in the utilization of the best quality raw materials combined with the perfection of their production method, resulting in knitwear that is unlike anything else.


From 1853 till the present, Levi’s has been everyone’s favorite source for high-quality jeans, adopting the original design. The clothing company has caught the market by storm by broadening its offerings to include a variety of denim apparel, all of which are made using forward-thinking, environmentally friendly processes. The brand continues to make us live in Levi’s because of its outstanding authenticity and eco-friendly attitude.


We understand that buying (even at an ethical online marketplace) is at the most acceptable level for some of you… If that describes you, we believe our cheat sheet has made the process a little easier. We hope we’ve relieved your eco-anxieties for people who prefer shopping (even females buying for their men).