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How Lead Shielding Works

Lead sharding is a common practice in nuclear power plants to remove excess lead from nuclear fuel. This is the process of shielding your radiation-emitting...

Optimizing indirect purchasing

Many companies can improve their indirect purchasing process. This can often be done much more efficiently, which ultimately saves you time and money. Outsourcing this process can be a good solution, because it allows you to focus on the strategic issues that play a role within your organization. How this is going to work? You can read that in this blog.  Indirect purchasing  Procurement in the process of buying products or services. Indirect procurement stands for everything that supports the production process. This includes energy, temporary workers, office supplies and maintenance. It is therefore not about the product itself, but about the supporting facilities that are needed to make the process run as efficiently as possible.  Reduce suppliers  Optimizing indirect purchasing is probably not high on your agenda. Number 1 priority is of course the optimization of direct products. Many companies have many different suppliers where products are purchased. That means multiple contacts, multiple invoices and multiple payment terms. This all needs to be watched. When you reduce the number of suppliers to 1, this saves a lot...