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 CLV helps you answer these questions by looking at your overall relationship with a certain type of customer and estimating the person’s value to your business. Knowing the CLV of your target buyers can help you expand your “right” customer base, which helps you decide how much you are willing to spend to retain those customers. listen! So, how do you calculate the customer’s CLV? math. It can get tricky, and there are different ways to do it. But to help you keep your feet moist at all times, we will show you one of the easiest ways to do CLV math.

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Vehicle data based on license plate

How much is your car worth now? We help you quickly gain insight into the value, current value and pick-up price of a (passenger) car when buying or selling. By license plate and/or by brand, type and year of manufacture.


Sell your car? In this way he provides (more) more


Demonstrations and maintenance can save hundreds of euros


With a few simple actions you can increase the value of your car when you sell it. With our tips you can quickly earn hundreds of euros!


Make a good first impression


Shiny paint, a neat interior and a fresh engine compartment: it all contributes to a good first impression. If brushing your teeth yourself is not enough, consider investing in a professional cleaning.


Take a picture after your car is clean and ready. Provide a calm background.


Maintenance history


An up-to-date and updated maintenance book is the best proof that your car is parked correctly. Updating an expired APK is one of those things and doesn’t have to be a big investment.


Check whether the mileage of your car makes sense. Potential buyers are always more careful with illogical or unknown mileage. Understandable because unfortunately the odometer readings are still being tampered with. However, the garage or inspector may also have made a typing error. Try to identify the problem and mention it in your ad.

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