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The effects of microdosing

In general, people microdose for two reasons: to stimulate desired effects and to reduce negative and unwanted effects. Several studies indicate that microdosing can be effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of unwanted conditions, including:

Mood disorders
Sleep problems

At the same time, microdosing is effective to increase positive effects and increase their frequency.

Improved relationships
Athletic coordination
Increased empathy
Leadership development


Over the course of five years, Fadiman collected records and reports from psychonauts who had been experimenting with microdosing for some time. His research, self-published in January 2016, found that some people were able to successfully treat their drug-resistant depression and anxiety with small amounts of psychedelic agents. Some people also reported work-related benefits, such as increased creativity and productivity.

Nordic Studies on Alcohol and pills

In 2018, a study was published in the journal Nordic Studies on Alcohol and pills that described data collected from interviews with 21 individuals who also microdose themselves. The researchers found that the respondents reported predominantly positive effects, including improved mood, cognition and creativity. In addition, microdosing was responsible for reducing negative effects such as anxiety and depression.


The same year, another study was published in the scientific journal Psychopharmacology. In this study, three microdoses of LSD were administered to 48 adults to see how microdosing affects the perception of time. During the study, the participants were closely monitored, as well as the subjective effects of the LSD. Although the microdoses of LSD had no noticeable effects on aspects of subjective consciousness such as perception or concentration, the study found that the drug produced an over-reproduction of time intervals ranging from 2000 milliseconds and above. In other words, the microdoses of LSD had the potential to affect users’ perception of time.

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