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Fungus on scalp

Fungus on scalp

Fungus on scalp is a horrible disease. It is a fungus that many people hate because it is highly visible. In most cases this is caused by yeast. So it’s not always something you can do something about not to get it. Well you can treat it! Yeast often grows best in hot and humid places. The scalp and hair are the perfect place for that. It is not at all strange if you get this, because it is a natural process where yeast can get the upper hand. Some people may be more sensitive to this than others, but in theory it could happen to anyone.

What can you do about it?

In most cases, a fungal infection on your head is not contagious. However, it is of course annoying because everyone can see this. That is why it is important that you start treatment immediately. There is a special shampoo with which you can thoroughly clean the head. This shampoo has the ingredient Nizoral which can also be used against dandruff. In addition, it is a powerful shampoo that also ensures that your head will shine. The thick layer of foam also ensures that you do not get flakes.

You can also get tablets prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist. These contain diflucan and it tackles the underlying problem even more thoroughly. These are not prescribed first, because they also affect the responsiveness. It is wise not to participate in traffic with these tablets. Finally, we have Mycamine which is not only used for control, but can also be used for prevention. It is therefore important that you always continue with the cure, even if the fungus has disappeared. You then build up some resistance and therefore it does not come back quickly. It even stops the growth of other fungi because it contains beta which breaks down the cell walls of the fungi.