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GC Biotech – CleanNGS

The CleanNGS kit offers a highly efficient magnetic bead based clean-up system for the purification of both DNA and/or RNA for next-generation sequencing workflows. CleanNGS provides maximum flexibility allowing for left, right or double-sided size selection by easily adjusting the sample to CleanNGS volume ratio(s). Based on our proprietary chemistry CleanNGS removes, salts, primers, primer-dimers and dNTPs, while DNA and/or RNA fragments are selectively bound to the magnetic particles based on their size. Purified DNA and RNA is eluted of the magnetic particles using water or a low salt buffer and can be used directly for downstream applications such. The protocol can be adapted to your current liquid handling workstation (e.g. Hamilton, Beckman, Agilent, Caliper, Perkin Elmer, Tecan and Eppendorf) utilizing your current protocol as well as being used manually.

Downstream Applications

In the webstore you can find a lot of different tools and GC Biotech products for your lab and research facility. Businesses in need of a high-quality toolkit for splicing, isolating, testing and sampling DNA/RNA are abundant in the online store. Furthermore, these applications and products are delivered by trusted international firms with a respected label. We are happy to have supplied many companies in selecting and buying the laboratory goods they need.

–          Next-Generation Sequencing

–          PCR 1)

–          Genomic DNA clean up

–          RNA clean up

–          Fragment Analysis

–          Microarrays

–          Restriction enzyme clean up

–          Cloning

Features and benefits

  • Improved size selection for Next-Generation Sequencing: making CleanNGS compatible with both existing and the latest commercially available library preparation kits;
  • Faster separations due to improved magnetic beads: creating ease of use and improved recovery by eliminating bead loss;
  • Produced RNase free; allowing CleanNGS to be used for your delicate RNA and cDNA sample material;
  • Efficient removal of unincorporated dNTPs, primers, primer dimers and other contaminants: increasing downstream reaction efficiency and reducing overall costs.


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