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How to Add Privacy to Your Garden: 6 Ways to Make Your Garden More Private

Keeping your garden private is a trickier proposition in the modern world than you might think. In this digital age, it seems like nothing is hidden for long, which can be a problem for anyone with a secluded garden in their home. If you are lucky enough to have your own backyard or even just a small section of the garden that isn’t visible from public spaces or roadways, there are ways to keep your friends and neighbors from spying on what’s going on inside. Even if you don’t have anywhere private, there are still measures you can take to secure your garden and keep peeping toms at bay. Read on for more tips…



Hiding your garden with vegetation

As the first line of defense, you might want to consider growing tall vegetation around your garden to give the impression it’s not there. If you have the land for it, you might want to consider planting trees or bushes that are tall and thick enough to be effective. You can also use bamboo or reeds, if you don’t have enough space for trees. Deciduous trees like willow and birch can be effective at hiding your garden in the fall and winter, but in the summer they are too thin to offer protection. When it comes to growing plants in your garden, you have to be careful that they don’t impede on your privacy too much. If you want to grow vegetables or flowers, you don’t want them to be too tall, or they might completely block out the light from reaching your plants. You also want to be careful not to let them grow too thickly and get out of control. You also want to make sure that you keep them looking good so they don’t make your backyard look unkempt.


Installing a fence

If you have enough land to spare, the most effective way of keeping the neighbors out of your garden is installing a fence. You can build a fence out of practically anything sturdy enough to keep people out, but stone, brick, and concrete are the most common. Wood is a less durable option, and it might not be effective at keeping people out. If you decide to build a fence, you need to make sure it is high enough to keep people out. The average fence is around 4 feet tall, but it is advisable to make it higher for privacy. The higher the fence, the harder it will be for people to look over it, so it is worth the extra effort. You also need to consider the materials you are using and make sure the fence is sturdy enough to keep people out. Garden privacy


Installing a gate

If you don’t have enough land to build a fence, you can still install a barrier that keeps people out. The most common option is to install a gate. You can use wood, iron, or steel for the gate and install it on wooden, brick or concrete posts. Wooden gates are the most common, but they are also the least durable. They need to be treated regularly and oiled to maintain their strength. Iron gates are the strongest and most durable option, but they can be heavy and difficult to open and close. Iron and steel gates are also worth looking into, as they are less heavy than iron. They are also easier to open, and you can get models that are motorized. They are certainly the most stylish option, but they are also the most expensive.


Installing an electronic gate

If you don’t want to commit to maintaining a gate or installing a fence, an electronic gate can be a compromise. An electronic gate is easier to maintain than a wooden gate or an iron gate and can be opened and closed remotely. Electronic gates are powered by electricity, so you will need to set up a power source for it, but many models come with solar panels to cut down on maintenance. Electronic gates are slightly less durable than iron or wood, but they can be opened and closed remotely. You can set a schedule for the times the gate is opened, or you can open it whenever you want. Electronic gates are also less obvious than a fence or gate and are a good option if you want a subtle barrier to keep people out of your garden.



Keeping your garden private is important if you want to be able to enjoy it in peace without being watched or disturbed by your neighbors. Keeping your garden out of view is the best way to do this. You can do this by planting tall plants, building a fence or installing a gate. You can also install an electronic gate to keep your neighbors out without blocking the view completely.

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