International ship repair available 24/7


Are you looking for a partner in international ship repair, for instance for the underwater repairment of your vessel? When you are searching for an international ship repair service, you do not have to look any further. Antwerp Underwater Solutions offers a broad range of services to take care of your ship with the right knowledge and experience. Their highly trained underwater diving team can repair vessels efficiently and is ready to assist you 24/7. Anything from repairing anchors and chains, to removing rust or fixing any other defects. What do you need repaired on your vessel?

A clear plan of action on how to get your vessel in perfect shape again

When your ship is damaged, you need a straight-forward approach on how to fix it by professionals. Antwerp Underwater Solutions understands that a stationary ship costs a lot of money. That is why this company offers solutions that will have your ship back at sea in no time. Most companies offer to do repairs at a dry-dock, but this is not the most efficient option. Moving the ship an building the scaffolding is inefficient and not always necessary. Antwerp Underwater Solutions’ international ship repair is done by repairing your vessel from underwater. By using underwater welding, cracks and holes of reasonable sizes can be repaired. Sometimes a “dry working environment” is necessary. In this case they will create this environment by means of a cofferdam and will execute the repair from the inside. Both types of repairs can be carried out in every European harbor, making them a true international ship repair company.

Get a free quotation on your repairs

Are you interested in hiring this international ship repair company? Make sure to get in touch with them straight away! You can contact them for a free quotation on your necessary repairs. They are available 24/7 and will be glad to help you out with anything you need fixed on your vessel!