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Ireland’s Best Kept Secret: Dublin Garden Centre

Did you know that Dublin has its very own Garden Centre? It’s not like the one on the N7 near the M9, but a real, live garden centre. It’s been there for over 30 years and it remains Ireland’s best kept secret. In this blog post we are going to introduce you to Dublin Garden Centre. You will learn what plants they have, what activities they offer and why they are Ireland’s Best Kept Secret.


What is the Dublin Garden Centre?

The Dublin Garden Centre is a garden centre located in Rathmichael, just outside Dublin. It opened in 1987 and has remained Ireland’s best kept secret. The Dublin Garden Centre is home to a wide variety of plants, flowers and trees. There is also a nursery on site where you can buy seedlings and young plants. The centre also has a cafe and a restaurant. There is also a gift shop selling all things gardening. The Dublin Garden Centre is open to the public all year round, although during the colder months, they may close the nursery. You can get there easily by car or public transport. If you are planning a day trip to the Dublin Garden Centre, you can visit Temple Bar, Dublin Zoo or the Guinness Storehouse as well.


Seeds, plants and flowers for sale

If you are a keen gardener or if you have a friend who is, you will be delighted to know that the Dublin Garden Centre has the largest selection of seeds and plants in the country. If you are new to gardening, you will find helpful staff who are willing to advise you on which plants would suit your garden. They have a wide selection of flowers in all different colours, shapes and sizes. The centre also sells decorative pots and garden tools. If you are gifting gardening to someone, you can choose from a wide selection of plants and seeds. There is something for all gardening levels – whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener.


Activities for families with children

The Dublin Garden Centre hosts events throughout the year, so check their website to see what’s coming up. They have a team of gardening experts who host fun workshops for families with children. Some of the activities you can enjoy with your kids are worm farming, terrarium building and potting. You can also attend gardening talks and masterclasses where you can learn how to grow specific plants for your garden. If you have children in the younger age group, the Dublin Garden Centre has a play area where your kids can run around, let off energy and enjoy themselves. There are several tables and chairs where you can sit and relax while your kids play. The play area has puzzles, toys and a climbing area where kids can play. This is a nice, quiet place where you can take your kids to enjoy themselves. Garden centre Dublin


Why is it Ireland’s Best Kept Secret?

The Dublin Garden Centre is Ireland’s best kept secret probably because not many people know about it. It is located in a residential area off the main road, so it may be that people just don’t know that it is there. Many people are likely to drive straight past it because there is no big sign or advertising. Even if you are living in the Dublin area, you might not know about the Dublin Garden Centre. It is just one of those places where people from Dublin don’t go because there are no reasons to go there. It is not somewhere that people would visit on a whim, like Temple Bar or the Guinness Storehouse. It is a place that people visit when they want to buy gardening products.


Things to do with kids at the Dublin Garden Centre

If you are visiting the Dublin Garden Centre with your family, there are a few things that you can do. You can check out the cafe and the restaurant and have a meal there. The cafe serves breakfast, lunch, snacks and coffee. The restaurant serves a wide variety of food options. You can also visit the gift shop where you can purchase gardening-related gifts, garden tools, gardening clothes, gardening gloves and more. The Dublin Garden Centre has a nice walking trail where you can enjoy the nature and admire the beautiful plants, flowers and trees. You can also visit the children’s play area where kids can play and have fun.


Final Words

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about the Dublin Garden Centre. If you like gardening and plants, this place is a must-visit. If you are visiting Dublin with your family, you can stop by the Dublin Garden Centre and enjoy a day of gardening and fun. If you are visiting Dublin, make sure you visit the Dublin Garden Centre. You won’t regret it as it is a lovely place with lots to explore and enjoy. You can shop for plants, seeds, gardening tools and gifts. You can also attend talks and workshops to learn more about gardening.

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