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Is your affiliate program driving new sales?

Awin Affiliates use a last-click attribution model which credits the last person who clicked an ad like the one who made the sale. It doesn’t take into account any of the other marketing strategies that led to the purchase. The Awin Affiliate Network is based on the last-click attribution model. This means that the affiliate network only rewards the last marketing touchpoint that leads to a conversion. All the other marketing touchpoints that led to your conversion will not be rewarded by this model. Is Awin revenue real, or is it misportrayed revenue in your account?


When marketers are using the last-click attribution model, they are more likely to misinterpret where their conversions are coming from. Awin is only one of many platforms on our network, and we also work with cashback and voucher promotion sites. The truth is that this can lead to a misinterpretation among performance marketers about where their true conversions are being generated. The right way for marketers to approach this is to use a cross-channel attribution model. Awin’s last-click attribution model seems to be the only thing that matters. But it doesn’t tell the whole story. Your website, cashback promotions, and voucher platforms all contribute to the conversion. It’s important for marketers to not misinterpret the data they see; Awin is not the only thing that leads to conversions.


GA runs on the last-click attribution model. So, all of the online conversions that you see in GA are based on the last traffic source that led to that conversion. This means that, just like with Awin, your voucher program stops producing conversions because the traffic is now too focused on paid search. This is happening for a reason. The “last-click” attribution model, which Google Analytics (GA) uses, gives the conversion credit to the last source that brought the customer to the website. So, if a customer clicks on an ad and then comes to your site and converts, GA will say that the conversion is due to the ad and not due to you. This means that you’re not getting credit in GA for any conversions where the customer came from the website. Interest in more attribution models in one view? Usually, the data studio attribution model you see in your dashboard is restricted by your analytics. But with an Odyssey Attribution powered Google Data Studio template you will get the instant possibility to compare your marketing results with different attribution models.