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Let Kimtec International help with the prevention of calcium deficiency in dairy cows

When you’re a livestock farmer, you’ve probably heard of calcium deficiency in dairy cows. This is often seen after calving, as a result of the significant increase in calcium demand when the cow has to produce colostrum. This is a huge problem amongst older cows, because calcium is released from the bones too slowly. Calcium deficiency in dairy cows is also known as ‘milk fever’ and can be reduced by using economically feasible feed additives and supplements, produced and developed by Kimtec International.

These products are developed according to HACCP and GMP control standards

At Kimtec International, they produce high quality products that are suitable for maintaining animal health. The products are unique and produced under high quality control standards like HACCP and GMP+. Therefore, they can always guarantee the quality of their products. Moreover, they also put a lot of effort in the development and innovation of the products. This ensures that the products keep developing until the desired quality is reached.

Help restore calcium levels

KatAn® is one of their high quality products that consists of potent and palatable anionic salts, developed especially to prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows. These salts reduce calcium shortage after calving, by helping to restore calcium levels in dairy cows. And by that, ‘milk fever’ can be resolved.

They will happily answer all your questions

How to prevent ‘milk fever’? How to make sure your dairy cows will not have to deal with calcium deficiency anymore? That are all questions Kimtec International is happy to answer. It’s mostly a combination of anionic salts and the right nutrition additives and supplements. They will make sure to help you prevent calcium deficiency in dairy cows with their products. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give them a call. They are glad to provide you with more information on everything you need to know.