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Looking for the best Underfloor Heating company in Scotland?

If you are looking for the best underfloor heating company in Scotland, you just may have found one. In theory there can only be one of course but in all fairness there are more good underfloor heating companies in Scotland. As we are working for Incognito Heat Co, located just 20 miles east of Edinburgh you wouldn’t be surprised that we will be promoting them?

Underfloor Heating

Perhaps you are already up to speed with the advantages of underfloor heating, but just to be sure we will list them here again just to be sure. 

With underfloor heating you and your family will:

  • enjoy a level of comfort that will not be beaten by any other heating system! With underfloor heating a system of pipes filled with hot water will run under the floor and they will turn your floor into one big radiant surface. The result is no more cold spots and an even heat distribution across the room up until 2 meters high;
  • be able to put furniture straight against the wall, because there are no radiators that stand in the way. The absence of radiators will also enable you to use ceiling to floor curtains, graphic and wall paintings and of course you don’t need to cover them up anymore!
  • save money on your monthly heating bill as the system runs at much lower temperatures for a higher level of comfort as with conventional heating systems.
  • have a modern and sustainable heating system in the house that saves fuel on it’s own, but will really come into place when connected to renewable energy systems.
  • live in a more healthy environment as you would with other heating systems as there are no dust movements and no area’s where condensation with cause damp.

Underfloor heating Edinburgh

AMA Homes in Edinburgh decided to equip all the apartments in their new development of luxury apartments in Fountainbridge with underfloor heating. The developer used underfloor heating in Edinburgh because of the general advantages for their clients as mentioned above, but also to create a real design feel to the whole place because of the uncluttered design features of underfloor heating. The design freedom this gives for the architect, the interior designers and the occupants are illustrated in the video below:

Underfloor Heating Scotland

But why is Incognito Heat Co the best underfloor heating company in Scotland? Well let us explain. As the underfloor heating market is growing steadily and is becoming much more mainstream nowadays, more and more traders and installers are jumping on the band wagon. As with any growing industries, this will inevitably bring in traders without the experience and accreditation you need to be assured for trouble free and reliable working of the system over the lifespan of your house. After all, the heating system will be an integral part of the house as it is embedded in the construction of the floor.

Incognito underfloor heating based in central Scotland started selling and installing underfloor heating systems over ten years ago and is one of the pioneers in installing underfloor heating in Scotland. The company has therefore ample experience in all sorts of projects and complies to all the quality standards you may expect from a professional installer.

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