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Maximizing space for your goods with a double deck trailer

If you choose to transport your goods with a double deck trailer, you maximize the available space in the truck. Transportation for your company gets way more efficient. This in turn decreases the costs. Plus, there will be less vehicles on the road. This creates less traffic jams and fewer emissions in the long run. If only one company decides to do this, it does not make much of a difference of course, but if many decide to do this, then it definitely will. But how can you maximize your loading capacity? This is the million dollar questions, especially when it involves large and voluminous goods such as matrasses. Blankers Transport from the Netherlands offers you the solution.

Compress your goods in two decks within one trailer

The loading process of a double deck trailer differs somewhat from loading regular trailers. Blankers Transport therefore has a hydraulic lift mechanism. This way they can compress large goods without damaging them. Is the first deck loaded? Then they lift it to make room for the forklift to add another load on the second deck below. Are all decks loaded? Then they gently lower the decks into their final positions. And the compressed goods are ready for transport. Instead of using two trucks, you’ll use just one. This definitely will cut your costs.

Choose efficiency and lower costs

Reading this should make clear that there are great benefits to using a double deck trailer to transport your goods. Do you want to cut your transportation costs and choose efficiency? Just get in touch with this Dutch company. They have a large fleet of trucks, including these double deck trailers. Their entire fleet is equipped with a BV3 alarm to ensure the safety of your products during transport. Want to know more? Call them. Their multilingual specialists will find a solution to your transportation issue.