Outside seating area’s with underfloor heating

Glasgow’s bar and restaurant scene is all kinds of style and cool. As one of the biggest and most up and coming cities in the UK, the public of Glasgow have high standards and discerning tastes. With a thriving stock of bars and restaurants it can accomodate all the nightlife you will ever need. Supply is high as well, and to fierce off competition, one restaurant has installed underfloor heating in one section of his outside seating area. Glasgow may well be a thriving city to go out in, but it is a Scottish City after all.

Outside seating area with underfloor heating

Bistro ALT Arce close to the Gallery of modern Art in Glasgow city centre has during the recent remodeling of there outside seating areas underfloor heating installed out on the patio. And that, says owner Roger McAulay proved to be a great hit as we were able to increase our seatring capacity by 40% in the pre-season and autumn periods. Underfloor heating Glasgow therefore makes great business sense! On one of the first mornings we had it turned on for the first after which everything in the afternoon was nice and comfortable. 

For his Brasserie on the Clyde, according to entrepreneur Roger, the underfloorheating is especially suitable when it is not so warm as in the summer period. “We also have installed a new glass canopy on our terrace, keeping the heat in and making it a great place to relax in the winter as well. The good thing is that by now a year later, people know about it and the space fills up earlier in the day than the general indoor restaurant seating area.”

Underfloor heating contributes to commercial success

ALT Arce, finishing second in last years ‘Outside Seating Area Top 100’, has a number of big changes in preparation for the new season. Amongst other things, the bar and the kitchen area’s are addressed. “In particular, for logistic reasons” says Roger”. “It should all run just a little more efficiently. Our goal for the coming season is of course to end first in the Top”.

Outside areas and indoor spaces with heigh ceilings can be challenging to heat. Increasingly, underfloor heating is recognised as particularly suited to this application, as there is none of the stratification associated with traditional, wall mounted systems. An effective heating zone of 0-2m² makes for a much more comfortable environment for the congregation. Incognito Heat Co. has been privileged to work in church renovations, restaurants, extensions and new builds throughout Scotland.