The railway track construction process, revolutionized


When laying a railway track, you will always want to opt for the most efficient and cost effective method. The traditional construction process for railway track takes far too much time, and is hardly cost efficient. For a new and improved way of placing and anchoring railway tracks, look no further than the experts at Stabirail. The engineers of this Belgian company eliminated many of the more arduous and outdated processes, and came up with sustainable alternatives making full use of modern technology. Perfecting this technique, they have leveraged it to forge themselves into one of the world’s most innovative rail contractors. Their proprietary railway construction method uses ballastless tracks in its process, rapidly and cost effectively realizing new railway track.

The laying of ballastless track

Stabirail’s cost effective method of laying ballastless track involves a dedicated slab track laying train. It consists of three machines that each perform a consecutive step in the construction process. First up is the concrete milling machine. This computer-controlled apparatus mills the grooves from the concrete rail beds where the tracks will be laid down. An innovative 3D system capable of working on parabolic transitional curves and transitional slopes ensures millimeter accuracy. Next in line is the drilling train, which makes diamond-core drilled holes in the concrete bedding. The anchors for the tracks will fit into these holes. Finally, the railway track construction process is finished by the anchoring train. It lays the actual ballastless tracks in the concrete and anchors them, ensuring superior stability in comparison to the old methods of tracklaying.

Explore the future of laying ballastless track today

Stabirail’s proprietary process can be utilized for any type of railway. Regular railways, high-speed lines, railway tunnels or a train washing system; nothing is impossible for Stabirail’s revolutionary technology. Get in touch today to discover what is possible for your project. The experts at Stabirail will be pleased to assist you with determining the ideal approach for your business.