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The Story Behind the Strelitzia Nicolai Flower

The strelitzia Nicolai flower is one of the most unique flowers in the world. Native to South Africa, this plant is also known as crane flower or upside-down bird of paradise. The strelitzia Nicolai has a strange appearance and a complicated history, but it’s also extremely beautiful. This flower has red petals with yellow tips, making it look like an inverted bird of paradise—a fact that led to its alternate name. Its other name, crane flower, comes from its scientific name; both strelitzia and Nicolai are names of people. The person who discovered this plant was a scientist named Christian Sebald Justinus von Nicolai. So, how did this beautiful flower get such a strange name? Here is the story behind the stelletzia Nicolai:



The Beginning: A Mistaken Name

The beginning of the story behind the stelletzia Nicolai is a mistake. The plant we know today as the crane flower was first discovered by a German scientist, Christian Sebald Justinus von Nicolai. However, the scientist mistakenly applied the name of his own family (the Strelitzes) to the plant. When von Nicolai published his findings, he explained that the name came from “his own name and that of his family.” What von Nicolai did not realize was that his own family name was actually the name of a royal family. After the discovery was published, the German government made a special request. They asked that the plant be renamed to avoid confusion with the Strelitzes. The Strelitzes were a German royal family that had been overthrown during the French Revolution.


A German Name, a Native Name and an English Name

The request to change the name of the plant was accepted, and the plant was renamed. It was given the name “strelitzia”, after the family who had previously owned the kingdom. The plant was also given the name “nicolai”, after its discoverer. This name change was accepted by all but one country: Brazil. For some reason, Brazil decided to keep the name of the plant as “the upside-down bird of paradise”, even after it was renamed. This name has now been adopted by the rest of the world, even though it’s not the official name. Strelitzia Nicolai

How to Pronounce Strelitzia Nicolai

The Strelitzia Nicolai is pronounced “strel-tze-ee-a Nick-ola-ee”. The first part of the name—the “strelitzia”—is pronounced “strel-tze-ee-a”. The second part—the “nicolai”—is pronounced “Nick-ola-ee”. The name of this flower is a mouthful, but it is a beautiful name. If you want to impress your friends with a fun fact, you should remember how to pronounce this flower’s name. You can also impress people with your knowledge of the story behind the stelletzia Nicolai.


Why is the Strelitzia Nicolai Called Crane Flower?

This flower is often called a crane flower, because it appears as if the flower is upside down. The flower’s petals are red and spread out like the wings of a crane. The flower’s lower petals are yellow, like the beak of a crane. The flower is an annual plant that grows quickly, blooms at the beginning of summer and dies in autumn. It grows up to six feet tall, but it’s best to keep it shorter so that the flowers can easily be seen. The plant has very large leaves and grows best in warm, tropical climates. It’s often grown as an ornamental plant, and it’s popular in gardens and parks.


The Meaning Behind the Name

The stelletzia Nicolai has a few different meanings. The first is that it refers to the plant’s beautiful red and yellow colouring. The second is that it references the crane’s strong beak and legs. The third meaning is that the plant’s name comes from the French word for “swoop”. This refers to the flowers’ sudden blooming. The stelletzia Nicolai is a beautiful flower that deserves its name. It is an amazing plant that could not be given a more fitting name.



The stelletzia Nicolai is an incredible plant. This flower’s colour, name and lifespan are all fascinating. Given the nature of the person who discovered this plant, it’s no surprise that this flower has an interesting story behind it. This flower’s name is the result of a mistake, but it’s a mistake that has been embraced by the whole world. The stelletzia Nicolai is a beautiful flower and deserves its name.

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