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What is lucid dreaming?

You might have heard of the concept of lucid dreaming. But what exactly is it, and how can you achieve this state of being. In this article, I will elaborate on what lucid dreams are exactly, and how a beginner can have extremely vivid lucid dreams.

Control the dream

In a lucid dream, you gain the power to control your dream at will. This means that you can experience any sensation man is inspired to have. If you want to explore the galaxy or jump off a skyscraper, you can do this in a lucid dream. And the fun part is, it will feel completely real for your brain.

Pretty dope, huh?

Ok, so now that I’ve got your attention. How do you get lucid dreams?

Good question. The fun thing is that you can train yourself to get lucid dreams at will. The key is to recognize when you are dreaming.

And this can be quite a challenge. As you know, you never really realize that you were in a dream. Only after you wake up this realization drops occurs. So, in order to recognize dreams, you need to learn a few tricks.

Count the fingers on your hand

This might sound a bit strange at first, but trust me, i will make sense. When you are sleeping certain parts of your brain do not work, they are turned off. One of these parts is the part of your brain that deals with numbers. So when you are dreaming you do not have five fingers on your hand.

Next time when you look at your hand, count your fingers. When you notice that they have six fingers or more, you are in a dream! Train this skill and you will become a lucid dream master within no time. I challenge you.