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WoW Classic – Ahn’Qiraj 40 Tactics

The Prophet Skeram. This is the first boss in WoW Classic AQ40. It’s important to interrupt his Arcane Explosion and to crowd control the mind-controlled players. Have groups assigned to take care of the boss copies when he splits.

Battleguard Sartura. The adds should be tanked near the wall. They take priority over the boss. Kite the boss if it fixates on you and stay far from it when it does the whirlwind.

Fankriss the Unyielding. Don’t stay in front of this boss unless you are the active tank. This fight requires two tanks that need to swap on three stacks of Mortal Wound. Let the tank round-up the adds and kill them as fast as possible. The worm adds takes priority over all the other adds. Healers need to keep an eye for players that become entangled.

Princess Huhuran. This is the boss that requires some of the raid members to have nature resistance gear. How much NR you need depends on your class and role. The raid leader will let you know how much NR you need. It’s important to dispel the tanks when they get put to sleep. Tanks should keep an eye on the poison debuff and swap accordingly. Hunters need to use Tranquilizing Shot on the boss when it enrages. Ranged DPS and maybe some melee have to form a wall and absorb the Poison Bolt AOE. This is why you need the NR gear.

Twin Emperors. It’s important to tank these two bosses apart from each other. Physical DPS will stay on Vek’nilash while caster DPS will deal with Vek’lor. Watch out for when they swap sides and move accordingly. The raid will need a warlock as this class can act as a tank for this fight. Shadow Resistance is important for this fight.

C’Thun. This encounter has two phases. The boss is immobile throughout the fight. The encounter starts with the boss shooting a beam. This beam needs to be soaked by a player with NR gear, it is usually a tank who deals with the beam. How you will be positioned depends on your raid’s preferences. Rotate to avoid taking damage from the moving beam. The tentacles need to be tanked and killed. The eye tentacles have priority. In phase two, you need to kill the eye tentacles. If you get teleported into a room, kill the tentacles in there so you come back. The boss takes damage when the tentacles in the room die.

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)