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European Servers Of FIFA 21

Electronic Arts has announced the permanence of three servers in Europe. They will be in Spain, London and Milan. These data centers are already operational for FIFA 20 and will serve for FIFA 21. The three servers are in addition to the 18 that were already operating throughout the world, five of them in the Old Continent: Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dublin, and Stockholm.

Dedicated servers provide information that is used as part of the matchmaking process, but are not responsible for the matchmaking itself. The online multiplayer modes that use these data centers are FUT Division Rivals, FUT Champions Matchday, FUT Draft, FUT Friendlies (if the option to play with a friend is not selected), VOLTA League, Co-op Seasons, and Pro Clubs.

EA Sports explained that “As a general rule, Internet service providers (ISP) do not send data directly from point A to point B. They route this data by locations, sometimes even around the world. This may be a limitation of the physical network infrastructure of some vendors or part of their business model.”

EA Sports concluded “Each provider makes these decisions based on their needs and their situation. For this reason, the connection to the nearest data center is not always the best at any given time. It is also possible that the connection is routed to another location if there are Internet problems that affect the route that network traffic normally follows, or if one of our data centers experiences technical problems.”

FIFA 21 will be available on October 9 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. And the Nintendo Switch will receive a Legacy Edition on the same date. Later it will also be released on Xbox Series X / S (on sale November 10) and on PlayStation 5 (on sale November 19), but there is no release date for the next-generation versions. Buyers of the PS4 version will be able to upgrade to PS5 for free and those who own it on Xbox One will be able to upgrade to XSX and XSS for free.

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