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Everything you need for an awesome party: from an electric confetti cannon to a CO2 machine

The Confetti Maker has everything you need to make your party or event truly memorable. Want to make sure your guests experience a party they’ll never forget? You can trust those who can’t make it to your party will regret it – just rent a great special effects machine such as their electric confetti cannon! If you truly want to make your party the stuff of legends, make use of their product range: from a humble electric confetti cannon to CO2 gas supplies for powering an entire battery of confetti artillery!

A special effect for any occasion

The fine folks at The Confetti Maker are of the opinion that every party needs to get kicked up a notch by using special effects. Imagine turning up the heat at your party by blasting flames from a fire machine at the exact right time! Maybe you want to shower your guests with festive confetti from a dropper machine or electronic cannons? No matter your preferences, the experts at The Confetti Maker are committed to making them happen. They will help guide you through their wide array of great special effect machines to make sure you get exactly what you need!

Machines to take any party to the next level

The Confetti Maker is all about partying hard, while maintaining a deep-rooted commitment to ensuring their customers party safely. All machines in their inventory are carefully vetted before being added to their product range. With such devices as fire machines and electric air cannons, safety always comes first. It goes without saying that this company prides itself on only providing its customers with high-quality products. As such, you don’t have to worry about letting loose with your brand-new fire effects or your confetti machine! After all, this company’s motto is telling: ‘Nothing is as sexy as confetti’. If you want to make your event as lively and joyful as you are, The Confetti Maker has the equipment you can use to do it. Take a look through the stock on their website and view the various possibilities in the field of special effects machines and accessories. So what are you waiting for? Blast off with The Confetti Maker!