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How long does lemon take to lighten skin

How long does lemon take to lighten skin?

Lemon juice is very useful and effective natural cure for various skin problems. It is a light bleaching agent and a natural moisturizer that nourishes the skin to the core. It can be used in several ways for skin application. It can be applied directly by cutting in two halves then you can rub it, you can only squeeze the juice and apply it over or you can grate lemon peel and add it to the juice so that it can be applied as a scrub. By using all these ways, lemon helps to enhance and lighten up your skin. But the question here is that how much time does a lemon takes to lighten your skin tone. There are many answers according to the situation. 


You should use lemon quite often like 3-4 times a week. Lemon sometimes show immediate response and your skin appears light and glowing within single application and it happens for a short interval. But for lasting results, use lemon daily for a month. You will start noticing the changes within 2 weeks.


If your skin tone is darker, then lemon helps to settle the dark tone. Regular use is the only way to enhance your skin tone. Lemon not only helps in lightening the skin tone, it also helps in getting rid of freckles, acne marks, blemish scars, aging effects, dark skin areas and skin pigmentation. 


Lemon is effective for all skin types but sometimes it causes irritation. Irritation sometimes start immediately on a sensitive skin or it takes some time. Then it is advised to wash your face immediately and stop treating your skin from lemon any further. Because if you carry on this way, your skin might become rough and lemon can cause a reaction. Then you should consult a dermatologist as early as possible and adopt a different treatment for your skin.

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