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Soul Objects is the Lifestyle Shop in Berlin. Soul Objects has great collections and choices of Lifestyle, Grooming and Vintage Products. But don´t worry, without traveling to Berlin, you can order the best and most trendy Lifestyle and Vintage Products in the Concept Store, Soul Objects now online at The best Lifestyle and Vintage products can be found in THE shop, Soul Objects, in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. They have articles, from whiskey to grooming to lamps. As you could read before, instead of visiting this great shop, it is also easy to order all lifestyle products and articles of Soul Objects online via

Lifestyle and Grooming

Men today want to look good and feel good (6 of 10) men in Europe gave to him that their appearance is very important and 45% wanted to look attractive and well maintained. It is said that the man of today almost as much time in the bathroom than in the gym bodybuilding, running or Qi Gong spends. Apparently the man spends life 3350 hours with his razor. Especially in summer, several parts of the body to be shaved, in athletes a smooth body is self-evident. Hair from nose or ears have become a no-go. We have about 40% – 45% share of men in the spa which is significantly more than the average beauty salon may have! What could be better than to bring men’s grooming products increasingly Spa hotels to the man?

GROOMING is the cool English name for the new trend of men’s personal care and it sounds like a lot of modern and male as “beauty”, eventually wants the modern man, in spite of care, not unmanly apply! Men want to be treated – but how? It is quite clear if you want to have an increase in their SPA, then you should respond to the needs of a man too. Consulting: Men are pragmatic and significantly increased “FACTS” oriented than women.

Therefore, the (multi) should bluntly value of a visit to the SPA are worked out at first contact. Make sure the men in their information brochure or even their own masters information brochure which you have chosen offers for him. The diversity should be kept small and manageable = less is more! Very important for the man’s price should not be missed! Magazines of interest to the man must be missing. There is nothing worse when the man has the feeling of being in a domain women. The treatment room should be tuned to a man; usually warmer dark colors, wood floor, his minimalist but stylish furnishings perhaps a touch of English to be a “gentlemen’s club”. Dimmed light, male very subtle scented candles (lemon, cedar or patchouli)!

Grooming and relaxing

A man looking for relaxation and this feeling should transport the treatment room. What men today is important when it comes to personal care? The face and body care for men is especially clear, easy to use and its goal leader. Men like products that are easy to handle. You want clear information and simple applications that adhere temporally in the frame. Complicated products scare many men from earlier. A cosmetic line that appeals to men should rely on clear colors, clean lines and clear fragrances – all playful, romantic or plush acts, men rather startled from. It is important to develop another figure of speech for male customers. Suitable formulations such as the strength, courage, vitality, freshness and effectiveness have to underline.

All this is no problem, just visit THE Lifestyle Concept Store, Soul Objects, in Berlin or online ( for the best grooming and vintage products.

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