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Rely on an expert to import your cars from Dubai

More and more companies and people are taking an interest in cars and other vehicles from Dubai or other places in United Arab Emirates. Perhaps you too have found the perfect car from a seller in this Middle-Eastern city? While the vehicles are amazing, importing said cars from Dubai to your home is quite the challenge. It requires a lot of logistics, not to mention the amount of red tape you need to deal with. This is a daunting task if you have no experience with importing cars from Dubai or other far-flung places. So, instead of giving yourself a headache from all the difficulties you face, why not leave it in the capable hands of an expert? Marlog Car Handling has a lot of experience with the import and export of cars from Dubai, Japan and other places all over the world.

Exclusive cooperation with local agents

Very few companies offer a professional service for the import and export of cars from Dubai. It took Marlog Car Handling a great deal of organization, preparation and closing the right agreements before they were able and allowed to offer this service starting in 2011. Since that time, the company has perfected every part of the process and now excels at the import of cars from the great city of Dubai. This is made possible by their close cooperation with local specialists who specialize in loading the vehicles and arranging the entire export process, including the necessary documentation. Today, the company organizes weekly shipments of cars from Dubai heading to their new owners anywhere in the world.

Importing and exporting cars anywhere in the world

Marlog Car Handling not only organizes the import of cars from Dubai, but also from many other places around the world such as Japan and Canada. Whether you wish to import cars from Japan or another country, the excellent service offered by these experts always remains the same. They take on the entire process for you, starting the moment you buy the car to when it arrives safely at your home. This includes arranging and filling out all the necessary paperwork to get your cars in the country. Are you interested in importing cars from Japan or Dubai? Do not hesitate to get in touch with Marlog Car Handling!