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The best achievements with 4-stroke motor oil

Do you need 4-stroke transmission oil for your vehicle? Then VROOAM is the manufacturer you need. This company develops lubricant for multiple sports and industries. A lot of professional engineers are working here to produce the best lubricant for each vehicle. One of the most important things they want to reach is that each driver who uses their transmission oil can perform at a top level. That is why you can use 4-stroke transmission oil from VROOAM for each type of vehicle, without worrying about quality and safety. This oil gives the best protection and performance you can wish for.

The difference between 4-stroke motor oil and 2-stroke oil

Maybe you are wondering what the difference is between 4-stroke motor oil and 2-stroke motor oil. The main difference is that 4-stroke motor oil does not burn with the fuel, something that 2-stroke motor oil does. Because of this, 4-stroke motor oil does not produce ash. Do you want to know what happens with the oil if it is not burnt? It will be recycled around the engine. Because of this, the 4-stroke oil contains of other ingredients that 2-stroke oil. 4-stroke transmission oil has higher levels of detergents, dispersants, foam retardants and more. Because of the recirculation around the engine, the 4-stroke motor oil lubricates, cleans, disperses heat, and holds impurities in suspension. Of course, all until you change the oil.

The best type of 4-stroke motor oil for your vehicle

Do you want to know what kind of 4-stroke transmission oil is best for your vehicle? Then it is best to contact the experts from VROOAM. They would like to tell you everything about their products and which of the categories works best for your application. Moreover, they can direct you to the dealer closest to your location. There is no better service you can wish for.