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The best grab cranes manufacturer can be found in the Netherlands

A grab crane is probably indispensable in your line of work. These powerful cranes are used in numerus industries for handling large volumes of materials and for stevedoring. Are you in need of a new grab crane for your company? Then you only want the best, as new grab cranes are a large investment. So, where would you be likely to find the best manufacturer of cranes? The answer: in the Netherlands. More specifically, at PLM Cranes.

How PLM cranes evolved into a world-leading producer of cranes

PLM started out as a humble service and retailing company. However, all this changed in 1953 when a catastrophic flood struck the Netherlands, causing one of the country’s worst disasters. To prevent anything of the kind from happening again great barrier works, known as the Delta Works, were built. Eager to pitch in and keep the country safe, PLM Cranes rented over fifty cranes and helped in the building process. This gave them a taste for more and in 1990 the company started designing and building cranes. This proved to be a great success, leading them to become a world-leading manufacturer of heavy-duty cycle cranes for various industries.

What makes this company’s grab cranes so great?

Now you are probably wondering why grab cranes from this Dutch manufacturer are so popular. The answer lies in their design process. After all, all grab cranes from this company are custom-made. As such, the company takes your wishes into account and the type of work required from your cranes. Also, all grab cranes from tis Dutch manufacturer are rigid and duty cycle. Thanks to PLM Cranes vast experience with using and designing cranes, they know just what to do to make all their cranes low-maintenance. This way, you can enjoy many years of working with these high-quality grab cranes. If, however, they do require some maintenance at some point, PLM Cranes ifs happy to help you out. The company is also available for a variety of technical and maintenance services, including repairs. Find out more or order your new grab cranes by visiting PLM Cranes website.