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The best grab cranes which are built to last

When you are looking for grab cranes for your business or specific project, you need a manufacturer who knows what they are doing. When you need specific solutions, you want an experienced partner who can build custom cranes that will last. PLM Cranes designs, creates and manufactures heavy duty cycle products, such as grab cranes. Next to grab cranes, they also develop hoist cranes, marine cranes and drop ball cranes. All products are designed from scratch and customized on request. They deliver top of the line grab cranes for your specific application. Read on to find out more about these heavy duty products.

Many different options available for all custom grab cranes

Grab cranes are the most efficient option for handling large volumes of different materials. They are used in many different industries. Because PLM Cranes build their grab cranes custom, you have the choice between different drives and ropes. The drives that are available for your crane, are the following:

  • Diesel-hydraulic
  • Electric-hydraulic
  • Diesel-electric
  • Fully electric

Next to drives, you have the option to choose from a 2-rope or 4-rope grab crane. They are more than happy at PLM Cranes to assist you in finding the right option for your intended application. Make sure to discuss the broad range of possibilities with their professional team, to ensure the best possible end product for your business or project.

Servicing options for grab cranes

Next to the building of grab cranes, PLM Cranes offers all different kinds of servicing options. From technical support to spare parts and from maintenance to testing. They are able to provide fast and decisive support when required. Their services are available worldwide and they serve their customers 24/7! Get in touch with PLM Cranes now to find out what they can do for your company and your projects.