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The best urban solutions for tree planting companies

Tree planting companies have a lot to figure out and go through before they can plant trees in urban areas without them interfering with infrastructure or utilities buried underground. However, trees can die prematurely because of a lack of sufficient space for their roots, as they might be unable to absorb the necessary amount of water to stay alive. Treebuilders offers help to tree planting companies by creating solutions with which they can overcome these difficulties and let their trees thrive in an urban environment. Solutions which improve the environment, without damaging the infrastructure in urban areas.

A bioretention system as a possible solution

One of the problems tree planting companies might run into, are the way to handle storm water. A proper solution to that is a bioretention system from Treebuilders. Urban areas are characterized by a limited amount of green areas and a high percentage of impervious surfaces. This means the natural water balance has changed, which leads to a much greater discharge of waste water and a poor water runoff. This company has come up with a bioretention system that offers solutions in these cases. What is your current situation and how can this company help you?

Get in touch and find a fitting solution

Whether it’s a bioretention system or a solution for tree growth in urban areas, Treebuilders can help you out. Their systems helps to support large tree growth and provides powerful onsite storm water management. They offer modular systems to provide cities with a green and healthy atmosphere. Are you interested in the products and solutions from this company? Make sure to get in touch with them right away. They are more than happy to help you out in your situation by coming up with a fitting solution. Make the first step towards a greener city.

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