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The easiest way of communication in sports

The challenge of coaching referees (from the sidelines on the sports field) without headsets is that it hinders you from effectively communicating and coaching the referee. With a communication system, an observer can coach and support young soccer referees directly during the game. Coaching with AXIWI is not limited to rest, before or after the game. In this way, the referee observer can give tips on positioning and running lines directly from the sidelines. As a result, the young and talented referee quickly learns how to position themselves optimally. As a result; they gain more self-confidence and develop their skills faster.

It is essential for soccer referees to communicate as directly as possible with his assistant referee in order to lead the game in the best way. Due to distance, the position of the referee and assistants and the speed of the game, this is not always possible. With the AXIWI wireless communication system for soccer referees, you can make use of communication in sport quickly and directly with your colleague, so you don’t miss anything and you can lead the game in the best way.

Train an athlete efficiently and effectively? Continuously contact other employees during competitions and training sessions to inform each other? Starting now, you can use the AXIWI communication system for coaching and training. More and more coaches and trainers are using a communication system to instruct and give tips to sportsmen and women and other employees. The coach and athletes/staff all wear an AXIWI communication system. It is a wireless communication system, so the coach and athletes/staff can talk directly to each other, just like talking on the phone.