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Tobacco giant Philip Morris wants to get rid of cigarettes within 10 years

Cigarettes should be treated like cars – they should be banned in the short term. You wouldn’t expect it from one of the largest tobacco producers in the world, Philip Morris. Yet CEOs André Calantzopoulos and Jacek Olczak tell the British newspaper The Telegraph that they want a world without cigarettes. The faster the better.


Even in a flood, young people take the time to smoke a cigarette. Statue Marcel van den Bergh / de Volkskrant

But does Philip Morris really want to say goodbye to smoking? The company’s e-cigarettes and other smoke-free products should enable the transition. But it contains no nicotine. The addiction therefore does not close. e liquids has enough information. And let the company use heavily in nicotine-containing alternatives. According to Bloomberg news agency, Philip Morris now derives a quarter of its nearly 24 billion euros turnover from smoke-free products, such as e-cigarettes. That should be half by 2025.

E-cigarettes and other agreements will continue to smoke, according to the tobacco giant’s site intended for the sugs of the cigarettes. In practice, vapes – available in sweet fruit flavors among other things – are particularly popular among young people. Altria, parent company of Philip Morris USA, has had a 35 percent stake in e-cigarette maker JUUL since 2018.

In early July, Philip Morris bought Vectura for more than 1.2 billion euros, which makes inhalers and medicines for people with long problems, problems that are often caused by smoking. Researcher Marc Willemsen of the Trimbos Institute is concerned about this. They’re going to have made the suffering of people they’ve made sick themselves. And they continue to produce nicotine products.”

Non smoking

Willemsen, professor by special appointment of tobacco control, points to the ‘smoke-free’ IQOS products that Philip Morris makes. “Because the futuristic-looking plastic pipes do not burn the tobacco, but only heat it strongly there, the company can speak of ‘smoke-free’.

Smoke-free products would solve the smoking problem in a number of countries forever within a decade, Philip Morris executives say. With this insert, the company placed a full-page advertisement in De Telegraaf, among other things. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority has now started an investigation into this Philip Morris campaign.

They can also simply stop selling cigarettes. But the reality is that they don’t earn much from this anywhere in the world’, says Willemsen. Research also showed that people are switching from e-cigarettes back to regular cigarettes. e cigarette store has enough information. After all, they remain British addictive.’ Willemsen finds the appeal in the newspaper ‘a bit gratuitous’. England has few smokers, which is already a sharply declining market. They hope to gain market share there with alternative products.”

According to him, the British government will not come up with a ban anytime soon. That has not been possible anywhere in the world, so they can easily do that. They want to help determine policy, but the WHO does not allow that. So they try to play it through the media.”