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If you desire for something else than the standard furniture and accessories for the decoration and interior of your place, is “Vintage Furniture” (but also other Vintage products and articles) certainly something you will not forget to look at. The best vintage and lifestyle products can be found in THE Concept Store Soul Objects in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood, there are many, and the best vintage products and articles, from furniture to lamps.

Vintage and Soul Objects

It is important that you consider whether you would rather a used or newly produced classics and how to integrate it to add an individual touch. Soul Objects offers you the opportunity to “Vintage Furniture” things in THE shop to see in Berlin or in the online shop (

It can be used pieces, so-called vintage pieces, acquire, or you buy a newly produced furniture piece, the “character” of vintage is not there. How to find the right one for yourself classics and what you should look for when purchasing these vintage treasures, can you advise on Soul Objects. You have to have the courage to keep their individual quality. So you have to go, then you are happy and you are happy with Soul Objects. Or you order online:

Plead for design classic signs of wear? There is of the opinion that if you want a classic, you should not re-buy it because he does not have the charm to develop as a classic or vintage piece of his qualities. It’s about the expression to the proportions to the materials and the design language a piece of furniture that make it special. A simple stool or a rough table with traces can be seen mostly just as happy as a designer piece. The build quality is very high from the Vintage Furniture and there is always a guarantee that if you sold the piece with good care after a few years or decades, always gets some money back or maybe even an increase in value.


In order to improve something, you do not necessarily add to it. Sometimes it makes more sense to simply remove something. By removes layers of paint and wallpaper, you will discover the history of his house and you can guess what the house has experienced over many years. It is better to be guided by the house in the design of the spaces, rather than forcing him with brush and buckets of paint his own will. Those who learn to listen to his home and carefully go on this exciting journey, will soon find that just the imperfect offers a great creative potential. It is authentic and honest, to remain faithful structures and basic materials of the house. Perfection and flawless painted walls can act quickly boring because there is nothing that the eye is a cause to pause. The importance of texture contrasts in the area should not be underestimated, because they often just highlight attractions. Unstained wood, cracked or peeling paint and a tinted plaster delicately along well with one or two necessary, new elements. Such an old table with a new stainless steel plate not only looks unusual and original, but is also very convenient. Also, different chairs in harmony. After all, it’s the individual character of each individual, which is why we chose him once. But vintage makes the difference.

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