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What is laser hair removal?

Are you tired of shaving your legs every week and do you really want to get rid of those hairs? Maybe you should think about laser hair removal. But what is laser hair removal? With laser hair removal you will experience the feeling of soft and hairless legs, lips, armpits and bikini line. In this article you can read everything you need to know about laser hair removal. It’s very important that you read all the information, because it’s a medical procedure. You need to have thought about it very well. But here we’re going to help you a little bit and give you the answer to the question: what is laser hair removal?



starting off with the risks of this hair removal treatment. Your skin type, hair colour and care before and after the treatment may influence the risks that you experience. The most common side effects of laser hair removal are:

  • Irritation of the skin. Redness, swelling and discomfort are very common side effects, because the laser affects the skin a lot. These symptoms will disappear within an few hours after the treatment.
  • Pigment changes. The laser doesn’t only remove the hair, but it can also change the colour of your skin. So maybe a spot that’s affected by the laser will turn out lighter of darker than the rest of your skin. This side effect is common by people with a darker skin and it can be temporary as well as permanent.


How does this kind of hair removal work?

The laser lightens the hair and damages the hair follicle. By doing this, hair will grow a lot slower or even be removed permanently. And if the hair grows, it will turn out a lot lighter, so you can barely even see it. Mostly there are multiple treatments neccessary in order to get the best result. Laser hair removal is best for people with a light skin and dark hairs. There you can see the results te best.

We hope that we’ve given you a good answer to the question What is laser hair removal? and that it helps you to clear your mind and make an careful and thoroughly decision.