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Food and Drink

What to eat on a first date?

When you’re going on a date you might be very nervous, you don’t know the other person and what he or she likes to have for dinner. When you are planning to have dinner or lunch  consider having easy to eat options. You could have an Italian style pizza, a healthy salad or cook a meal yourself. When you decide to cook something yourself you could ask whatever he or she would like to eat. If you don’t want to take any risk just plan your date before or after dinner. This way you don’t have to worry about the food and you can focus on eachother.

Healthy food

If you or your date is really into a healthy lifestyle you could consider cooking yourself or visit a healthy restaurant. Did you know that pizza’s are healthy too with a few minor adjustments? When you make or order a pizza check if there is an option to get it with a cauliflower pizza crust. If you compare this pizza with a regular one, this one has almost 500 less calories! Can you believe it?! Want to go on a pizza date? These are the most well-known pizza restaurants.

Have a romantic dinner

Romantic dinners don’t have to be expensive! With a little DIY you can create a wonderful evening for the two of you. The thing we love about having a romantic dinner together is that you get to know each other really well. Make sure that you don’t rush through it and take some time between courses. This makes sure you two have enough time to talk and have deeper conversations. 

The date is not about the food

A date is not about the food, the date should be about you and him or her getting to know eachother better. Find common interests and see if you two are a match. Talk about hobbies, interests and goals. Do you both want kids in the future or would you rather spend your time traveling around the world? If you notice that your date is a little shocked by the fact that you’re asking questions about kids or future plans, save those questions for a later date.